Helping Seniors Live Better at Home
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                                     "We offer the help and companionship you
                                       want provided by people who really care"
Our Mission Statement 

At First Choice Eldercare we value the individual. Our clients are all unique. We strive to maintain the right and privilege of every citizen to be independent in as many ways as possible and for as long as possible. Our aim is to extend our clients ability to be self-supporting. 

There are no pressures in the sale or supply of our services. We just offer and provide help and companionship, to be delivered as and when necessary. 

We are in business to supply non-medical care to senior members of the Southern Utah population. It includes St. George, Santa Clara, Ivins, Bloomington, Washington, Hurricane, La Verkin, Leeds, Springdale, Cedar City and Mesquite Nevada. 

Helping the individual to remain in familiar surroundings without the sense of burden often associated with dependence on family and friends. We maintain provision of day to day facilities, companionship and other assistance. 

The primary stakeholders of First Choice Eldercare are our clients. 

Our range of services is marketed in a very special way. There are no persistent phone calls or mail drops, no impatient salesperson pushing for a commitment. Many of our independent sales consultants are seniors themselves. They work from their own homes and enjoy the experience of illustrating to potential clients the benefits we deliver. Pressure sales techniques have no place in this scenario. The sales person is free to fit the service provision to the customer need in the most effective way.  

Most of our customers have walked their own path through life. Usually this means a path of choice, preference, decision and responsibility. We ensure the people we serve retain the dignity to continue along their own path by offering solutions to resolve day to day issues. We also ensure that our clients are never left to feel alone.  

Our services are provided on an hour by hour basis according to the wishes and needs of the client. 

At First Choice Eldercare we seek to extend the enjoyment of life for clients by reducing some of the irksome and burdensome elements of living, leaving more time for fun. 

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