Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are caregivers your employees?

A. All caregivers are independent contractors. They save clients money by working with them directly.

Q. Do you verify caregivers information?

A. We do not. Caregivers are responsible to make sure their information is accurate and truthful. 

Q. How can I judge the character of a caregiver?

A. Choose a caregiver that offers a free consultation. This way, you can invite him/her for an interview. 

Q. What is the next step if I see caregiver that I like?

A. Contact caregiver via his/her phone number, located on the left side of the show page.

Membership refers to your First Choice Eldercare member profile.

Q. Can I cancel my membership?

A. Membership can be canceled at any time. Site profile will no be seen by visitors. Your one-year subscription will automatically be canceled, with a no-prorated refund.

Q. Can I suspend my membership?

A. Membership can be suspended at any time. Your profile will not be shown to site visitors. However, your subscription will remain active.

Q. What information will be kept private?.

A. Your date of birth, street address, and email will not be published.

Q. What do I need to get started?

A. You will need the following:

1. If you are a professional home caregiver, credential images are needed.

2. Details description of your services

3. Profile photo

4. Prices for each of your services.

Q. How soon will visitors be able to see my profile?

A. Immediately after clicking the "Publish" button.

Q. How long does this process take to complete?

A. If you have all your information, it could take approximately 10 minutes.  

Subscription refers to a plan that you subscribed to.

Q. Can I cancel my one-year subscription?

A. Subscription can be canceled at any time. You will not be billed, and your site profile will remain active through the end of your billing cycle.

Q. Can I resume my subscription?

A. Subscription can be resumed at any time. 

Q. What is the importance of credentials?

A. Credentials allow establishing credibility with potential customers. Maids may not need to upload have credential documents.  However, nurses do.

Q. What kind of credentials are applicable?

A. Documents can be licenses, certificates and  insurance policies.

Q. What document formats are accepted.

A. Documents can be in .gif, jpg, jpeg, and pdf

Q. Do we verify if documents are valid?

A. No, we do not. As an independent contractor, you are responsible to make sure information posted on the website is truthful and accurate.

Q. What do I enter for service description?

A. Your service description should contain significant information about your offerings while showcasing your qualifications. Moreover, each one of your offers should be explained allowing visitors to decide.

Q. What services do I choose?

A. You select any services that match your qualification.

Q. Why states and caregivers are showing on my services page?

A. States and caregivers and automatically selected for you. You only need to focus in choosing the services for your offering.

Q. What about hourly price?

A. Service hourly price is your base price for services.

Q. What this "nearby cities" I see on the service details page?

A. It allows you to add any additional cities, you wish to offer services. For example, if you reside in Pasadena, you may add "Los Angeles, Long Beach" to your nearby cities entry.  Please note that this information is optional.

Q.  What about the $10 base hourly price I see on my service details page?

A. $10 is the default hourly price. It should be changed to reflect your base hourly price.  

Q. Is image mandatory?

A. An image is your photo visitors will see while visiting the site. At least one is needed. Make sure your face is at the center of the image.

Q. What other images can I upload?

A. Images can be any photos related to your service offering. However, make sure your main profile photo is at the top of this list.

Q. How do I price my services?

A. Each service should be priced, along with information that further explains your fee mechanism.

Q. Let's say I offer 3 services, how should they be priced?

A. There should be 3 separate price items for these services.

Q. Can I combine service pricing?

A. No. Each service should have its own pricing. 

If you offer 24-hour care, your hourly rate might be lower than the standard rate. Let's say you want to be paid $5,000 a month for around the clock service, you can divide 5,000 by 730. That gives you a base hourly price of around $7. The approximate number of hours in one month is 730.

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