Karen McCulloh
Fargo, North Dakota

Maid | Home Care | 24 Hour Care | Errands and Shopping

$14.00 / hourly

Maid | Home Care | 24 Hour Care | Errands and Shopping

$14.00 / hourly


  • Perform general housekeeping duties. * Complete assigned housekeeping work in the order of priority set by homeowner.

  • Maintain housekeeping equipment and supplies to avoid waste, damage to area and equipment, and prevent accidents.
  • Adhere to residents' personal and property rights; maintain confidentiality of all resident information.
  • Comply with all infection control techniques, procedures, and policies.

  • Practice all safety and loss prevention procedures.
  • Perform other reasonable tasks as assigned by the homeowner

Housekeeping Job Qualifications:

  • Ability to effectively communicate with senior and families.

  • Willingness to work with the elderly.

Janice Pitts
Anchorage, Alaska

Maid | Home Care | Long Term Care | Transportation

$15.00 / hourly

Maid | Home Care | Long Term Care | Transportation

$15.00 / hourly

Desire to play a vital and positive role in helping our seniors  with intellectual, cognitive, or developmental disabilities achieve their fullest potential.

Assist with activities of daily living, personal care, hygiene care, assist patients to bed, commode and chair.

  • Meal Preparations 
  • Medication Reminder
  • Personal care
  • Companion Care
  • Eerience working with Alzheimer patients
  • Ability & willingness to work a flexible schedule
  • Excellent oral and communication skills

Jenna Leblanc
Des Moines, Iowa

Maid | Senior Care | Home Care | Long Term Care

$15.00 / hourly

Maid | Senior Care | Home Care | Long Term Care

$15.00 / hourly

Providing medical and day-to-day care for the elderly, ill, disabled, and other people who aren't able to take care of themselves.


  • Providing a warm and welcoming care environment
  • Listening to a patient's needs, wants, and other suggestions about their care
  • Attending to patient's hygienic needs such as bathing, dressing and undressing, cleaning teeth or dentures, and using the bathroom
  • Recording basic health information such as weight, food intake, and daily bowel movements/urination
  • Assisting patients with preparing meals, eating, and cleaning up after themselves
  • Performing household chores on behalf of the patient such as making the bed, tidying up the bedroom, doing laundry, dusting, sweeping, mopping, etc.
  • Assisting with shopping, keeping a detailed financial record of all transactions
  • Accompanying patients on approved outings
  • Assisting patients with mobility needs (helping them get up, helping them get into a wheelchair or walker, pushing a wheelchair, etc.)
  • Reminding patients to take medication according to their doctor's prescription
  • Respecting the patients' privacy and rules of confidentiality
  • Establishing a relationship with each patient and members of patients' families
  • Responding to medical and other emergencies immediately

Skills and Qualifications:

Patience, Attentiveness, Concern, Empathy, Domestic Tasks, Medicine, Listening, Communication, Positive Attitude, Discretion, Punctuality, Friendliness, Writing, Reporting, Preparing Meals, Babysitting, Cleaning, Laundry, Traveling


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Anna Li
Saint George, Utah

Maid | Senior Care | Short Term Care | Home Care | 24 Hour Care | Long Term Care

$8.00 / hourly

Maid | Senior Care | Short Term Care | Home Care | 24 Hour Care | Long Term Care

$8.00 / hourly


Drop off and collect dry cleaning. Prepare the garments that need cleaning and drop them off and pick them up when they are ready. 

Help with general shopping. Take people on a shopping spree for whatever it is you are in need of. 

Prepare shopping lists. Work together on brainstorming and preparing a list before actually going shopping. 

Assist with pet care. Assistance in feeding, walking, bathing or taking pets to the vet. 

Care for houseplants. Assist with the care of live plants in the house for watering and pruning. 

Oversee Home Deliveries. Help with signatures, lifting, opening and crushing boxes.

Plan, prepare and tidy meals away. Plan meals and meal schedules, prepare the ingredients and make sure they are sealed fresh. 

Organize wardrobes and cupboards. Help arranging and de-cluttering items in closets, cupboards and drawers. 

Make beds and change linens. Change sheets and people comfortable in bed. 

Dusting and vacuuming. Tidy up the house with basic cleaning services. 



Reminisce about the past. Will talk about those fun, special moments and participate in fun-filled stories. 

Visit neighbors or friends. 

Play films.

Participate in hobbies or crafts. 

Help with reading. Pick topics of interest and help read a few pages or a few chapters 

Assist with clothing selection. Help select outfits for the right occasion 

Reminders for appointments. Provide reminders for important appointments like doctor's visit or hair appointment. 

Organize mail.  

Assist with walking. Help with getting the exercise by helping people walk in the yard, around the block or in the house 

Provide medication reminders. Provide friendly reminder calls to take medications throughout the day and night, so client does not miss taking their medicines 

Monitor diet and eating habits. Help monitor what people are eating and put together a meal plan 

Assist with showers and baths. Staff assistance with a shower or bath 

Recuperation of surgery. Staff member assistance during time of recovery 

Sitting service to provide a special measure of comfort and confidence when a hospital stay is required.


Celine Harper
Portland, Maine

Maid | Senior Care | Home Care

$15.00 / hourly

Maid | Senior Care | Home Care

$15.00 / hourly

 Providing seniors with compassionate, caring, knowledgeable.

  • Assistance with Mobility
  • Assistance with Toileting and Incontinence Care
  • Assistance with Grooming and Bathing
  • Assistance with Dressing
  • Medication Reminders
  • Errands
  • Shopping
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Meal Preparation
  • Companionship